Bohemian Style Meditation Room

Styling Your Bohemian Meditation Room |

Meditation is such an important part of our day to ensure we are clear in mind, feeling peaceful in our hearts and motivated for the day!

Decorating your mediation room can play a key part in creating an environment that you feel comfortable and and easy to enter your practice in. 

From medication cushions, to lushious green plants and comfortable bohemian style throws, you can make your spake reflect the energy you want to feel within. 

Our boho cushions and bohemian home decor range gives you choices of pieces to add to your special space that you choose to unwind in. 

Even if it is just for a few minutes a day, setting aside some time for mediation can truly change your life. Throw in some beautiful meditation room decor and the cheery is well and truly on the cake!

Happy meditating Wildflowers.



p.s. you can peek our faveourite bohemian cushions here 

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