Zoom large bohemian rug teal blue
Zoom large bohemian rug teal blue

Sky-Clover Blue Kilim Rug


Why you’ll love it:

A soft yet durable bohemian rug is the ideal combination when it comes to finding the perfect boho style rug for under your bare feet. This Bermuda Blue rug comes in the most perfect tranquil teal on cream to add cool and calm to your space. And if that’s not enough, they’re also reversible, it’s nice to have options right? If you're like us, you like to mix up your style regularly which is why this rug is extra special as on the reverse you will find a beautiful cream on teal design for when you want to mix up your style.  This gives you the additional styling options you need if you like to update your bohemian decor regularly! 

Not too loud, not too quiet, this bohemian teal rug just right. 

The good vibes bit:

Fairtrade and handmade in India. Each cushion is made by highly skilled weavers in a small production factory using one of 28 looms or they supplement their income by weaving in their own home on looms provided by company. We are proud to support these workers, their livelihoods and craftsmanship. The result? Quality made with care, we are sure you’ll adore.

The Nitty Gritty details: 

  • Bermuda Blue 
  • 90% Pure Wool & 10% Polyester
  • Fairtrade.
  • Handmade in India, the Good Weave label label on this rug gives the best assurance that no child labour was used in the making of your rug.
  • Try a bit of tenderness and hand wash me only. 
  • Colour not quite your zen? Scroll on by to see the other lovely options we have for you..

Dimensions (best to make sure if fits perfectly under your coffee table): 

  • 75 x 135cm


large bohemian rug teal blue

Sky-Clover Blue Kilim Rug